@GregoryRasputin @MrJailbreak619 I second what gregory said, since i was the one who redacted and frontpaged that article.

I will clarify this tough, hence im not in a *good* mood.
When i say this:

2) He states in the first seconds of the video after the PRO template and intro that he will release another video with download link, if someone charges for HIS download link it’s a scammer…

I was not aiming to you as a scammer, but if you eventually release something. You know better than anyone that many users will copy your video and use surveys to gain money with your JB or CFW 4.11.

Then i mention two hypothetical options, another user that posts a non-working .PUP.
And then i mention the use of surveys in order to your *Work not stolen* I don't see anything wront with that either.
After all it's your Job, not mine.

Finally the veredict, your video is being posted everywhere. I imagine not only in HAX but in other sites random users will do it as well. You are generating expectation and we as a community and as @gregoryrasputin said we have users to protect.
Because sometimes the *naive* ones will install ANYTHING in their systems in order to reach a solution and then we have to deal with the bricks.

If you feel offended by my article, im sorry but the 99% of youtube videos that contains CFW 4.11 info are fake.

Until solid proof is not posted from your side i will not retire my article.
Im warning the community im in, about a possible HOAX or FAKE.
See the brightside of this history, im in so kind of way im being your sponsor even bashing you.

I hope that you understand MY position as i TRY to understand yours.


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