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29th May 2012 from Twitlonger

Before Team Anna, Chauthi Duniya had exposed Manmohan Singh's #CoalGate Scam. Details below:

1) Read a 2011 April expose of ‪#Coalgate‬ by @DrManishKumar1 & Chauthiduniya. Some shocking tweet excerpts follow.

2) Indira Gandhi nationalized coal in India in 1973, to prevent black markets. MMS opened to private players

3) In 2007 when Shibu Soren was in jail, MMS led coal ministry, with Dasi Narayan & Santosh Bagdodiya as ministers.

4) MMS gave coal blocks in 2007, free of cost, even below the Rs.100 royalty per ton. Market price 2000/ton!

5) Then, UPA govt faked an amendment to Mines and Minerals Act 1957 in RS. But stalled in LS for 4 yrs!

6) While UPA played games at parliament, 21.69 billion tons was STILL given free to private comp & middlemen!

7) Giving away coal blocks free to private comp started in 1993 by Congress. 1993 to 2010, 208 blocks given.

8) Out of the 208 blocks given to private comp during 1993 to 2010, 175 were given during 2006-2010 by PM MMS!

9) At Rs.2500 per ton, coal given to private parties was Rs.53.82 lakh Crores. Reasonable loss is 26 lakh cr!

10) The most shocking thing from this 2011 April writeup is that CAG was aware of the losses then itself!!

11) PM MMS tricked more tricks. Law gives 36 to 48 months for coal production start. If not license cancelled

12) Out of 208 coal blocks given away shadily by Manmohan Singh (mostly), ONLY 26 were producing coal in 2011!

13) Over 150 licenses had to be cancelled by MMS for violating 36-48 month production law. He cancelled ZERO!

14) It was very obvious by 2011 that by not cancelling non-production allocations, UPA helped middlemen :(

15) Comparing to budget, 3 years of ALL tax on Indian peoples earnings was gulped up by this single scam!

16) Indian defence forces would have been supplied ALL their needs, by this scam amount for next 25 years!

17) Kudos to Chauthiduniya & @DrManishKumar1 for a daring ‪#Coalgate‬ expose 1 year back. - TV media ignored :(

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