This is how the "something horrible" direct message scam catches you out. Please read and share.

1. You get a DM which says something along the lines of "Hi somebody is making horrible things about you..." followed by a link.

2. If you click the link it takes you to;_timed_out

3. Note the address is wrong, this is a bit of a clue. The idea is that you don't notice this and when it says you need to log back in you enter your username and password.

4. No matter what you enter it will redirect you back to twitter, the idea here is to make you think that you typed it in wrong the first time.

This is a variation on the bank scam emails you get from George Agdgdgwngo who wants to steal all your monies.

If you fell for it just change your username and password. If you don't then "George" will use your account to spam everyone.

If you get a DM from someone like this then tell them to change their username and password.

I hope you found this helpful.

Freedom for everyone that wants it.

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