Summary report #Homs The Syrian Revolution General Commission - Massacre in Al Houleh 25/05/2012

The Friday protests of Al Houleh bring about a fear to the regime as the area shakes with chants and rises against oppression. The surrounding suburbs of Al Houleh are pro-Assad and continue to fire onto protests using shells to disperse protests but also damaging homes of civilians and defectors.

Today, they repeated the same thing, homes were shelled and this led to dozens of injuries and a number of martyrs. The pro-regime suburbs used artillery, Shilka [anti-aircraft], mortar shells, machine guns, BMP and tank shells on civilian homes. The Free Syrian Army began to defend the civilians thus large clashes took place at the regime checkpoints leading to a loss of lives and also weaponry. The shelling continued after midday for more than 7 hours and continues till now. This resulted in people escaping as also several homes fell in on their inhabitants. A refugee shelter was hit which was sheltering more than 200 families and this led to dozens of deaths and injuries, some of the martyrs are known and others are being confirmed.

The shabeeha [regime thugs] from pro-Assad areas burnt the fields that belong to the civilians in an attempt to further destroy their lives. The regime shabeeha [thugs] led a sectarian attack on civilians in Al Houleh, storming homes that lie at the edges of Taldaw. The shabeeha came from Alqabo, Alsheneyeh and Feleh suburbs and killed several women, children and men with names still arriving but it has exceeded 50. The Al-Kurdi family has been found killed entirely in Aqrab village with the bodies not reachable yet due to the continued shelling. Names arrived from the Alkurdi massacre are father Mahmoud Alkurdi, his sons Fadi Alkurdi, Mohamad Alkurdi and grandson Omar Alkurdi. His mother is in a critical condition [Zainab Arooq]. Their bodies were found with severe torture marks and then executed with knives. This is the typical acts of pro-regime shabeeha [thugs]. The field hospitals can no longer cope as injuries and dead flood in by the minute.

The area is still being bombarded by rockets that are targeting residential houses. The pace of the shelling is getting fiercer by the minute. According to witnesses near the rocket launchers stationed near Kherbet Al Sowda, rockets are fired from there to the north (to Al Houleh). The area is witnessing mass exodus too as civilians are leaving Al Houleh, trying to take refuge in safer areas.

-Up till now, these are the documented names:

1] Martyr Talal Bakkour 0 Homs Al Houleh
2] Martyr Omar Al Sahed - from Tartus; he was in a visit to his relatives
3] Martyr Osama Abdul Rahman Al Fares
4] Martyr Haitham Al Hallaq - 36 years old - defected solder
5] Martyr Ma'moun Barbar - 37 years old - father of 4 killed by the shelling
6] Martyr Ghayyath Abdul Samad Silaiman - 26 years old
7] Martyr Muhammad Shafeeq Abbara - 27 years old
8] Martyr Ya'coun Husain Abdul Razzaq - 27 years old
9] Martyr Ammar Abdul Jawad Abbara - 23 years old
10] Martyr Ra'ed Eshaq Al Mousa - 27 years old
11] First Lieutenant Husam Orabi - from the battalion of Sa'ed Bin Moaath - he was killed in the clashes between the Free Syrian Army and Assad's militias

More than 100 civilians got injured and are being treated in makeshift hospitals that lack the most basic medical needs.

--Massacre committed against children and women (slaughter massacre) - Al Houleh - 25/5/2012

-Al Houleh: civilians injured on Friday - 25/5/2012 - by the random bombardment targeting the houses of civilians, leading to the injury of many: (part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4)

-More civilians injured by the random bombardment targeting the city:

-Martyr Talal Bakkour, killed by the random bombardment targeting the city - 25/5/2012

-Martyr Osama Al Fares:

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