Reading NY Times article about deep staff cuts expected at New Orleans Times-Picayune. Paper may only publish a few times a week. These are the people who are losing their jobs: "When Hurricane Katrina approached, dozens of the staff decided not to evacuate and rode out the storm at the newspaper. The presses lost power, but the newspaper used its Web site to post updates throughout the storm. It was also a big moment for citizen journalism, with besieged residents using the site to post updates, look for loved ones and direct rescue personnel. After three days of online-only publication, the paper began publishing a print edition, and its follow-up coverage was praised as being deep and meaningful, especially in a city that was short on good information and rife with rumor and chaos. The paper shared the 2006 Pulitzer Prize for public service with The Sun Herald in Biloxi, Miss. The paper’s staff was also awarded a Pulitzer for its breaking news reporting."

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