Okay guys listen up!

I'm meeting Justin Bieber in January so I decided I wanted to do a scrapbook to give to Justin of all the people that haven't been able to meet him. So here's what i want everyone to do if you want to be in the book.

I want you to send a picture of yourself and a message or a story that you want to tell Justin. It can be long or it can be short. You can submit your stories on your life, how you became a Belieber, and what Justin means to you.

Send everything to this email


I'll be giving it to him the day i meet him and i want him to be happy with how much his fans love and support him.

I'll be looking forward to seeing everyone's stories!! and i'll be posting a picture of the book after everything's finished! I've got 8 months to do this and i want it to be good. <3 Everyone is welcome to do this!! TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW! (:

Also include you're username for your twitter and your real name!

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