#SYRIA until now no solid evidence of the claimed assassination on 6 high profile officials in Damascus except for numerous reports and a video from an officer in the Sahabeh Battalion of the Military council of Damascus and its suburbs.

clashes were reported in numerous areas in Central Damascus during the night but only real confirmation and proof of such events were found in Kafarsooseh unlike areas such as Shalaan, Baghdad ST, Mezzeh and midan which remained unconfirmed reports.

here is a video of the gunfire and explosions in kafarsooseh

as for the names of those supposedly killed:
1) Asif Shawkat (Head of Syrian Intelligence)
2) Mohammad Shaar (Interior Minister)
3) Dawood Rajha (Defense Minister)
4) Hassan Turkmani (Vice presidents deputy)
5) Hisham Bikhtyar
6) Mohammad Saeed Bkheytan

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