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16th May 2012 from Twitlonger

Dear @BarackObama
In the interests of #WeThePeople, of the United States of America, I am requesting that you issue an executive order- #ExecOrder -halting all Home #Foreclosures, until such a time after there has been a thorough, and judicious review, of the epidemic of fraudulent foreclosure filings happening across The United States.

And if the details in the case of Norman & Oriane Rousseau, linked below, are indeed factual, I would #Hope that any Office of the President of The United States of America, could help to #Change the course of events for Oriane Rousseau's family. If you are unfamiliar with the details, I've pasted the account of Norman & Oriane Rousseau's foreclosure proceedings, in Ventura County, CA, here:


Rousseau Family court filings, here:

Thank You for Your Time, Mr. President.
I know you have an extremely busy schedule and I would hate to be a nuisance for you.

If you don't take action soon, Mr. President, someone else will. And it do not believe it will look pretty.

Mr. President, if you are unable to help this family, I would ask that you urge @JerryBrownGov to do so, since the two of you, to the best of my knowledge, are the only ones with the ability to do so.


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