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16th May 2012 from Twitlonger

Dear Debbie Kunesh: When you blocked me from the ROTD page and your personal FB page a few weeks ago, I was initially dumbfounded, as I have bent over backwards to help you and give you information. You never tried to talk to me before you blocked me, and you ignored all of my attempts to reach you. Initially, I thought it was because I committed the sin of challenging your assertion that you didn’t want to launch the project when you did when in fact you teased fans for around a week prior to the launch by saying “Are you guys READY?”, “It’s coming soon!”, “It’s coming tomorrow!”, etc.

I felt that you blocking me was the ultimate confirmation of what many people have said about you, and I decided that you were gonna hear from me one way or another, so I blasted you in public because I knew you’d be forced to pay attention to me. You replied to your readers by saying that I had sent emails to people telling them to turn against you, and I thought that it was just some lie that you pulled out of thin air.

But then I went through my sent box and saw two messages that I sent recently to Sandy Corbin and Morgan Raimondi. In those messages, I merely explained to them what was going on, and why so many people were demanding answers from you. I saw Morgan commenting on your page talking about all of the “haters”, so I wanted to let her know my side of the story, since she was labeling me as a “hater” (even though she didn’t know it.) I also sent a message to Sandy to explain the situation to her as well. I assume that one or both of them forwarded you those messages, and that is what made you upset at me.

So I went back and read those messages that I sent, and I certainly did NOT try to turn them against you or slander you! All I did was say to them the SAME THING THAT I SAID TO YOUR FACE on the ROTD page! I said that you were being dishonest in saying you didn’t want to launch the project when you did, among the other personal responsibilities that you deflected.

I will post those emails so that everyone can see for themselves what I wrote and decide if I slandered you. There were no personal attacks against you, and all I did was criticize your actions, so please stop lying to your readers by telling them I slandered you! I think you were upset that I dared challenge you about the problematic launch of your project, and you’re using those emails as a pretext.

I challenge you to post the emails on your page and let your friends decide if you’re being honest! And if you have any other emails that you claim that I sent out, then do me a favor:


Post them on your page, or if you don’t want to, then forward them to me so I can see for myself what I allegedly wrote about you!

As for your claim that I “told” you what to include on your website, you know damn well that’s not true! I suggested a lot of information for you because you said you were working on a “critic’s site” that would not be targeted at fans, but rather skeptics who wanted to ask the tough questions about MJ. I never TOLD you to include anything, so please stop lying to your readers.

When I said that I was spoon feeding you, it’s in regards to the questions you asked me last summer when you were working on the "Debunking the Demonic Myth" post,questions about the 2 jurors who lied and said MJ was guilty after he was acquitted, the prosecution’s timeline, the DCFS document (which was leaked after MJ was arrested), and other basic, rudimentary facts about the case that you SHOULD have known, but you didn’t, and out of everyone that you could have asked, YOU ASKED ME!

Those questions (plus the fact that you link to Wikipedia not once but TWICE on your website) are symptomatic of your lack of knowledge of a lot of basic facts about the allegations, and that’s why I offered you so much info for your critic’s site. If you’re going to be an MJ advocate, then you should have an understanding of the fundamentals of the case, and you should know where to look to find the answers. There’s no reason why you should have needed to ask me or ANYONE about those 2 jurors or the prosecutor’s timeline!

Here’s some advice for you: on your ROTD website, on the accusations page, in the “Get Informed” box, you like to Wikipedia on the following 2 links: “A Breakdown of the Trial for easier comprehension” and “Information on both cases”. Instead of linking to Wikipedia, why not take the time to research the facts and WRITE YOUR OWN BREAKDOWN OF THE TRIAL! Since you’re not running the ROTD facebook page anymore, you should have some free time on your hands, so you should put it to good use. It’s almost 3 years after MJ’s death, and your website is STILL linking to Wikipedia? I can understand if you weren’t that knowledgeable at first, but come on Debbie?!!

It's 2012, and you’re STILL linking to Wikipedia??!!! Seriously??!!!!

Also, to help you become more knowledgeable about the 2005 trial, beyond what you already know from reading MJ Conspiracy (that’s if you read it instead of just skimming through it; Aphrodite Jones talked about those 2 jurors you asked me about, which makes me wonder why you had to ask me in the first place!), why don’t you start reading my trial summaries? I’ve already posted the summary of the opening statements, and this will also clear up your misconceptions on the prosecutor’s timeline that you asked me about last year.

And while you’re at it, you should read my summary of Jason Francia’s testimony. You know, one of MJ’s accusers who also got a settlement in the early 90’s. Neither you nor Dr. Moriarty have summaries of his testimony on your website or in her book, respectively, so I guess you both feel that he isn’t important enough for fans to know about, despite the fact that he could have sent MJ to jail in 2005 had the jury believed his claims!

As for your friend Dr. Moriarty, I have no regrets whatsoever for giving her book the flogging that it deserved! She should be ashamed of herself for such sloppy and half-hearted research! And you’re helping to peddle that book to gullible, unsuspecting fans who are desperate for anything positive on MJ! If Dr. Moriarty respected the fan community, she wouldn’t have cited Wikipedia, TMZ, Radar Online! And if you don’t believe me, check her list of source documents at the back of the book!

You claim to be a journalist, yet you threw away your journalistic integrity simply because you’re “friends” with the author! That’s so unprofessional! You didn’t give that book any scrutiny whatsoever!

Did I mention you at all in that review? NO!! So why were you so defensive about the book? Oh, that’s right, you’re friends with Dr. Moriarty! That explains it! You know you can’t refute any of the VALID criticisms I have about the book, so you tried to attack me personally by saying I had an ego! Let me ask you this: is there some under the table financial incentive for you to get a commission based off of sales of the book? If not, why would you try to rebut my review?

Dr. Moriarty completely reinforced the stereotype that fans are not capable of writing competently and objectively about the celebrities that they admire, and YOU reinforced the stereotype that fans of a celebrity will approve of ANYTHING written about that celebrity, regardless of how sloppy the research is, as long as it’s positive!

You claimed that I had a negative tone in that review, but that’s just another pretext. You would be upset at ANYONE who bravely called out Dr. Moriarty’s mistakes because you can’t handle the truth!

Compare my review to all of those reviews that gave the book 5 stars, and you’ll notice how short and without substance those reviews are! How can someone review a 500 page book in 5 or 10 sentences? Because the person didn’t scrutinize the book and is writing based off of emotions, that’s how!

You mentioned that I don’t have any industry contacts, and that I haven’t interviewed any of MJ’s friends and confidants; yet, despite that, I STILL have more respect in the fan community than you because people trust my judgment and work ethic! I am NOT “smarter” or “more intelligent” than anyone else, but I AM a hard worker, and the fan community notices it!

And I don’t go around blocking every single person who disagrees with me! I actually ENCOURAGE people to challenge me if they disagree with anything I say or write!

So in closing, I’ll wait for you to post all of this “evidence” that you have about me slandering you in emails, but I won’t hold my breath for it, because you don’t have any! I posted the emails that I sent out, and everyone will see for themselves that you’re lying about me! In fact, here is what you said about me a few weeks ago:

“What David fails to mention is that the time he keeps insisting that he was not being rude to me on the ROTD page, he was also sending around emails to other MJ fans as well as to my personal friends on FB, trying to get them to turn against me and saying nasty things about me. I've seen the emails. Maybe you should ask him about that. Would any of you entertain a person like this on your own pages?”

I said this earlier, but I’ll say it again:


As for Sandy Corbin and Morgan Raimondi unfriending me, you can tell them that I COULDN’T CARE LESS! I didn’t send them friend requests in 2010; they sent ME friend requests! They wanted to meet up with me when they found out we live in the same city! I didn’t lose a single nanosecond of sleep over it! My friendship with them wasn’t mutually beneficial. They’re both a bunch of cowards for unfriending me and not hearing my side of the story! And you can tell them I said that!

Maybe the next time you need help with the allegations, they can help you! Or maybe your friend Dr. Moriarty can help you, since you believe that she's such a great researcher!

What you don’t realize, Debbie Kunesh, is that by blocking me from the ROTD page, you’re not hurting me; YOU’RE HURTING YOUR READERS! I’ve posted a lot of good information on your page over the years, and you know this, but now all of a sudden I’m blocked?

You should learn to take personal responsibility for your actions instead of playing the victim card and “bobbing and weaving” and deflecting blame.

If I had known about your project in advance, I would have respectfully advised you not to go through with it because, as you’ve already stated, you did NOT have the Estate’s permission, and fans would justifiably question you about it.

Unlike you, Debbie Kunesh, I had the wisdom and the foresight to realize that you shouldn’t try to raise thousands of dollars to fund something that has not already been announced!

I don’t know why you act like you’re so surprised at the reaction you got. Did you REALLY expect to raise thousands of dollars from fans, and just put it away in a bank account until an MJ children’s hospital is announced? How long were you going to wait until you donated the money to another cause? 1 year? 5 years? 10 years?

One last thing: I would also suggest cleaning your bathroom tiles with some good old fashioned Pine-Sol cleaner, because once all of the dirt has been mopped away, you won’t have to worry about seeing any more images of MJ in your tiles!

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