I'd like to apologize to @BraulioEstima for this misunderstanding and my accusations. I do have terrible hearing but I wasn't the only person that thought he had said "Ronda." Someone next to me said, "Rousey."
So I asked Estima, "Ronda Rousey saw you weigh in?"
Simple miscommunication.
So I apologize also for bringing Ronda Rousey into the picture. I would never intentionally start a rumor about anyone or drag someone into a situation just to try and make someone else look better or worse...
Everything that I said or posted was in reference to what I was being told by the GracieFighter camp, and apparently, they were just as misinformed as I was.
This being the reason for my questions during the media scrum about the weigh in situation, stemming from an unorganized promotion and the lack of communication between all parties involved, including myself.
As far as my support for the Cesar Gracie Camp goes...
I've always said that I'm not a reporter, just a videographer trying to bring you cool stuff to watch.
I'll always be a fan, and not just of the Gracie Camp, but of all fighters and this sport.
I try to get as much information for you guys during times when information is impossible to get,
but it's only comes back to bite me in the ass,
so I've decided to take a step back, and let things run their own course.
Which includes NOT covering Nick's NSAC hearing next week, or anything else involving his career.
I also ask that you please refrain from holding a grudge against anyone at MiddleEasy.com or the site itself.
They we're only posting what I was relaying to them.
I wish everyone involved the best of luck in their future endeavors and I apologize again to Braulio Estima for any inconvenience I may have caused you with the things I've posted or said.
Sincerely, Michael "LayzieTheSavage" Mardones

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