@narco_sam @StuartSorensen @Scriptrix - agree about Judas: my take has always been similar to the scenario laid out in the controversial film "Priest": imagine you're the soul known as Judas in "heaven" about to incarnate. You're standing before God & he says: "I have a very important job for you to do but it means that you will be forevermore be misunderstood, maligned & hated. You can go down there or you can remain here, free from the burdens experiencing earthly concerns but humanity will pay a price for you having never been born."

How brave a soul Judas must have been in Spirit.

PRIEST (1994) on Judas:

"It's doin' me head in, this predestination business. Honest to God, it is.

And Judas and all that, yeah. I mean, he redeemed us, didn't he? Judas, not Christ.

All Christ had to do was go to the cross and-- bang, that's it. He's in Heaven and we all worship the ground He walks on.

Poor old Judas, he's got to betray Him, then hang himself, then go down in history as a right dirty bastard.

Now, that's sacrifice, ya know what I mean?

But God made him, do ya know what I mean ?

Judas, Saddam, Adolph and Joe, He made 'em. Now, that's a bit tight on the human race. You know what I mean?

But it's even tighter on them, isn't it?

I mean, could you imagine them queuing up to be born and God turnin' 'round saying, "Listen, Saddam, I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but you're gonna be a tyrant. You're gonna gas the Kurds and destroy lraq."
-Well, he'd say, "No, ta, I'll go to the back of the queue if it's all right?"
Well, wouldn't you?"

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