@Solun1 v-dog makes a great vegan dog food www.v-dog.com there are many others, try & see which your dog prefers. it's perfectly healthy for dogs to be vegan just be sure the food meets the AAVCO dietary guidelines (doesn't have to be AAVCO approved but it should adhere to their nutritional requirements set). cats have also been successfully transitioned to vegan food, and there are vegan cat foods on the market. cats ideally need canned/moist food to avoid early kidney failure so try to choose one that offers a canned food in addition to dry. Evolution Diet and Vegecat are two great options. Wysong also makes a dry Vegan dog & cat food (one single formula for both dogs&cats;). My producer's cats LOVE the formula & so do dogs (easier when you have both cats&dogs;at home). Remember that cats didnt evolve to eat cows, pigs, lamb and other mammals in the way they are being fed now so there's definitely some proven adaptability (for people who would argue that cats are "obligate carnivores"). Here's a decent article on the arguments for-against vegan cats: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=veggie-cat-food. GOOD LUCK :)

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