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10th May 2012 from Twitlonger

#Annan #UN #UNSMIS #Syria #Mideast

Kofi Annan,


#Bashar al-#Assad and his cronies and enablers learned a great deal from the failure of #Libya's #Qaddafi.

1. Deny everything.

2. Don't defy The West, delay and then agree. And then, ignore the agreement.

3. Blame flying monkeys, space aliens, US funded and directed Qaeda cells for all the "troubles" in Syria.

He has slipped the "noose" of diplomacy.

He can't be touched by the UN.

He is deaf to all "urging."

He has won that battle.

He is not, however, immune to kinetics, military action, war.

So, Sir.

You will have to step aside.

Sorry it didn't work out.

I'm sure you already knew everything I just told you, you are a smart and experienced person, aware of the truth of geopolitics, and realpolitik.

But your current position, past history, and future plans will never allow you to say so.

In conclusion, you did appear to have really tried to succeed, and/or appear to not have failed (notice the many sideways modifications there, the very nature of diplomacy).

You only failed because the UN is a velvet hammer, and Assad figured out how not to be a nail.



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