Day 8

Who: Brenda Bufalino


* Because The American Tap Dance Orchestra.
* Because I remember being in awe of The American Tap Dance Orchestra performing "Haitian Fight Song" in the documentary "Tap Dance in America".
* Because my very FIRST professional job as a dancer was in her Tap Opera production. I was beyond excited to be a part of anything she was doing. I was happy to just be in the room.
* Because she is an innovator and has VISION.
* Because she follows through with her vision and CREATES.
* Because she gave us Woodpeckers in NYC and the documentary "Great Feats of Feet".
* Because she has guts.
* Because she is a woman and a fearless leader.
* Because she is also a great teacher, not just in the classroom but in life.
* Because her contributions to this art form have been invaluable.
* Because if we can accomplish and give back a fraction of what she has

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