[trans] tiffany cine21 10 questions: http://i.imgur.com/A7GHI.jpg

1. the words i like to hear the most are 'you're doing well'
2. the person i respect the most is my sister
3. the body part i am most confident in are my nails! fingernails+toenails
4. if i weren't a singer i would have become a lawyer
5. the person i am thinking about right now is a secret
6. the song i like the most is twinkle
7. the time i cried the most in my whole life is january 3rd, 2002
8. the person i would like to film a movie with is ha jiwon
9. at a blind date/meeting if i meet a guy i am interested in i will throw him an eye smile
10. if i were born again i would want to be born as any snsd member

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