One more little thing I remembered about Kristen on Leno last night:

After the show is taped, Jay does a promo for the show with the guests like this They did about five different takes last night.

They had taped one and was about to do another when Kristen suddenly said "wait!" She went over and shook hands with Skylar Laine and said "nice to meet you." Skylar looked thrilled and Jay told the audience it was "girl bonding." But I think it was more than that.

You may recall when the musical guest finishes performing, Jay thanks all the guests and everyone comes over and shakes hands with each other. Skylar was with the band and didn’t make it over in time to meet everyone before they started taping the promos. I have no way to prove it but IMO, I think Kristen is such a class act that she didn’t want Skylar to feel left out. ♥

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