Here are the links to the different websites and video clips I showed in my #mobile #accessibility presentation at #FILive. I also demoed several iOS apps; Tweetlist, Light Detector, Color Reader, VM Alert, Ear Sensor, Money Reader, OMoby, VizWiz and Evi - search for them in the iOS app store. And now here are the links:
Smartphones Become Essential Accessories for the Blind - Dr Joshua Miele explains
Edwin - demo of speech2speech accessibility utility for Android
iPad accessibility - ExpertVillage YouTube video
ASL - via Facetime
TapToTalk - switch-operable AAC for the iPad
TECLA Access - wireless switch access to Android
Latest U.S. Disability Statistics and Facts
Worldwide Mobile app sales Forecast to Surpass $15 Billion in 2011 - Gartner article
Apple Passes 25bn App Downloads - Guardian Tech article
eBay mobile sales forecast to grow from $5bn in 2011 to $8bn in 2012 - Internet Retailer article
Web vs App vs Hybrid - article by Luke Wroblewski
Mobile landing page - article by Sam Dunn
Now Network - Flash-based site but invisible on a mobile
W3C Best practices to create Smarter Mobile Web Applications - article by Sophia Antipolis
W3C cheatsheet - quick reference on all W3C guidelines and optimised using the MWBPs
Android Accessibility - Google's developer guide
iOS accessibility - Apple developer guide - site listing many accessible iOS apps
Accessible iPhone Apps- list maintained by The Mac-cessibility Network
Berkely Bionics eLEGS exoskeleton
Google Autonomous Car - a day out after 200,000 miles safely driven

Have a great rest of the conference!

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