BY:- Respect To MJ is Due

The Michael Jackson Company LLC would be boxed in too. Who again signed off on all this bullshit, who again pops up on such a horrible deal, who again was brought in to handle legalese for the set up called This Is It; none other than you guessed it…. John G Branca. Now he may try to say that um Dr. Tohme Tohme started it, he was here before I was and yea look at Michael lawyer of current date Joel Katz. But Branca you came in right before Michael died and you claim that Michael hired you to do what….be his lawyer and handle promotion work on This Is It. Well guess what, Randy P brought Branca in, he said that current personal lawyer of Michael at the time Joel Katz would be a conflict of interests (oh they care about that now) because Katz works for AEG. See now…. Look! Joel Katz is lawyer for Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), Joel Katz was lawyer for Michael this was conflicts of interest from the onset and I assure there was no waiver. So Tohme set the deal, Katz brokered it on both sides and they pass the ball to John Branca to bring it home. You must remember John has talons deep in Sony/ATV; he brings extensive thug skills to the table. To date guess who sits on the board of representatives of Sony/ATV and was approved by the estate of Michael Jackson (just a beautiful name for the estate of John Branca) Joel freaking Katz. With Joel Katz on the board at Sony/ATV this mean friends that AEG also sits on the board of Sony/ATV. Here is yet more proof that Sony and AEG are together and work for each other’s best interests.

Back to the supposed reason why Branca claims he was back in Michael’s circle. Branca is a lawyer and AEG is in fact a concert promoter so why in the hell would Michael need to bring a thief back into his life to promote a tour that AEG made him put up his life as collateral to promote. Is it just me or do you all too see the nonsense, you’re clever I know you see. We also find out that as part of the requirement for this insurance policy to be valid, Michael couldn’t do any Meet & Greets without permission….huh? And any type of promotion regarding This Is It must at first as a requirement to the terms of agreement, be approved by Lloyds of London. I honestly didn’t know that Michael was heading to London until he was no longer here. I always found it strange that this was not mass televised and promoted especially in May and June and Michael was heading to London in the beginning of July.

Are you telling me Lloyds is in the concert promoting biz all of the sudden now, what sense does this clause make? Wouldn’t we all think that Lloyds would want this venture to be highly publicized, bring in a mass audience generating gross amounts of money so that they won’t have to pay out any portion of the policy because the shows actually went through. With Branca of his own words stating that he was brought in to do promotions of this tour, based on what I told you and what’s stated in the insurance policy; Branca the “promoter” would have to get approval from Lloyds of London the insurance company. So what the heck is the need for AEG “concert promoters”? I mean they are getting concert promoter profits even before the actual performer Michael gets paid. I know they will say, “Well look blogger, you left out, that we are in fact the producers of this tour as well.” Really now…. we just went over, that in the AEG contract with Michael, he has to pay for all production costs out his profits. Again guys excuse my French, so what the FUCK are you getting paid to do AEG? The contract states that Michael is paying for this whole production called “This Is It”; the very production that was used to enter his life to enslave and kill him. The multifaceted, multi-national global corporate beast, all in cahoots, all working together against Michael you and me; we really must open our hearts and minds for clear sight become as one and work together. What effects the one, effects the many and vice versa.

By:- To MJ Respect is Due


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