We don't say goodbye anymore.
強がって無理して 我慢してたら
If you keep holding back your feelings
pretending that you are strong enough

君の心が 壊れるから
your heart will break, so

泣きたいなら 泣いてしまえばいい
if you wanna cry, you better cry

until the tears run dry and you fall asleep.

もう good night さあ good night
Now good night so good night.

Good night for today.

切ないのも 寂しいのも
Feeling painful and lonely

なにもかも みんな僕のせいだ
everything is my fault.

触れ合って 抱き合って
Touching and holding each other

just doing so

幸せと思えた日々を 僕は忘れていたんだ
the days that I used to feel happy, I forgot about it.

If people say that I am asking for impossible

言い訳はしないよ だけど
I won't make any excuse but

やっぱりあきらめたら きっといつか君を責めるだろう
if I give up, I think I will blame you someday.

ああ なんで
Ah why

傷つかずに 生きていけたら
If only I could live without being hurt

傷つけずに 生きていけたら
If only I could live without hurting

そう うまくいかないよ
things won't go well like that.

夢だけじゃ 君が足りない
Having you only in my dream is not enough.

愛だけじゃ 僕らしくない
If it's only love, that's so unlike me.

Is that right?

How should I deal with this conflict?

でもきっと そうきっと
But maybe yes maybe

すれ違うのも ぶつかるのも 追いかけるのも 
misunderstanding, clashing, chasing,

grab your hand and standing still,

it's all impossible to do if I think this is the end.

うらはらな心が まだまだ求め続けてるから
My reversed feeling is asking for more still now.

STAY with you

STAY forever

決して二度と離さない STAY
I won't let you go ever again. STAY

もう good night さあ good night
Now good night so good night

Good night for today.

You don't have to worry.

これからも ずっとそばにいる
I will stay right beside you forever.

こうやって寄り添って 忘れかけてた
Sitting close together like this,

ぬくもりに目を閉じて あの日のふたりに帰るんだ
I close my eyes with the warmth that half-forgotten and we will return to us the other day.


STAY with me


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