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25th Apr 2012 from Twitlonger


I: Even just by a little, bit by bit you slowly moved towards the ideal of "I want to be like this" that you once imagined 10 years ago right?
U: Yeah. Actually, I think the band is becoming like this. the GazettE itself is constantly the ideal band?

I: Hearing you say this, I think it's really awesome.
U: Really? When you think about the band as a whole, you can really say this strongly (laugh) "the GazettE's cool yo" - I can say it with no problem. But I can't say "Uruha's cool yo" (laugh) As expected as a team it's easier to be drawn by a team. When one says "the GazettE's cool", it's because as a team of 5 people I think the "cool-ness" is real. With regards to our individual potential, to not focus on it, or we have no interest in pursuing it... Of course with each generation there are outstanding individuals, individuals who people call stars but in terms of existence whether I want to become like that or not, I don't have such interest. Because I think doing it as a team and being cool, I personally we're in a state with more power.

I: From the beginning did you think this way?
U: Yeah. Even if I don't do it in a band, maybe because I've always taken part in teams. Even in soccer it was like that. Instead of doing anythihng alone, do it in a team is even more difficult, there is worth in doing [it], and the end result feels huge/great. I think there's tons of great stuff [from doing things in a team]. Of course whichever way there are merits and demerits...

[ok i'm stopping here. tired. lol. sorry.]

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