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25th Apr 2012 from Twitlonger

I:インタビュアー (Interviewer)
U:麗さん (URUHA)

[my own additional words]
Note: These are snippets... I stop whenever I feel like I cannot think with the tired brain I have in my head now. Off-the-head translations, prone to mistakes.

I: With regards to March 10th "THE DECADE" how did you feel about it during the day itself?
U: All the members were saying "i'm nervous, i'm nervous". I thought, "this is rare huh" (laugh) As expected because it's the 10th anniversary so it was like that. Ironically when it comes to me, i'm always nervous but on that day i was unexpectedly not like that. Of course I was nervous but I was much better than what I was always like. It felt like I was more nervous for the past tour finals than this.

I: that nervousness maybe you can't escape from it huh.
U: I think it can't be helped anymore. Of course I want to fix this but (laugh) However, I think what can be said best [about this] is "nervousness with good meaning".
... [skipped some]

U: When nervous, [guitar]play itself you will exert too much energy, and all sorts of demerits will be there. but this time round, rarely [happening], even when nervous it was working towards the right direction?

I: Maybe you looked at the event for 10th anniversary with a relaxed feeling?
U: No, it's not like that (laugh) However, there were so many old songs, if I had to re-think about all of them it was impossible. So I had the feeling "even if i miss abit it's okay right?". It was like, "today you'll forgive me abit right?" (laugh)

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