Studio Photos & Footage:

Off the Wall

Lionel Richie

Paul McCartney

Freddie Mercury

The Jacksons

Quincy Jones & Steven Spielberg

Bruce Swedien & Vincent Price

State of Independence

Dressed as Charlie Chaplin

Early '80s

Eddie Van Halen

Barry Gibb & Diana Ross

We Are the World

Bad Era

Red Shirt

Siedah Garrett

Bruce Swedien & Quincy Jones

Dangerous or HIStory Album

Rodney Jerkins

What More Can I Give


Palms Recording Studio


- - -

We Are the World

We Are Here to Change the World / Another Part of Me

Isao Tomita Home Studio

Dangerous Album

Dangerous or HIStory Album

HIStory Album

They Don't Care About Us

What More Can I Give

All in Your Name


Beautiful Girl

* * *

I am dying to know, were any of the "HIStory" recording sessions filmed at all?

Bill Bottrell:
There was often a handheld video camera shot by a trusted employee, like Brad. Occasionally, a full film crew would come in, as in the Andre Crouch choir session for "Earth Song."

- - -

I heard you videotaped the "Invincible" studio sessions. Have you released that yet?

Rodney Jerkins:
Shh! [Laughs] I'll just say Michael asked me to document everything. And I did. And I'm sure one day it'll see the light of day. I got to make sure it's made in the way Michael would want to see it.


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