For all those aware, and those unaware, of the case against @IHOP involving my father I have decided to create a ready-to-send email, for those in agreement with its content. If you are unaware with the case in question the article I have written may be found here:

The email should be addressed to the following:

Header: Come Hungry Leave Happy, Or In This Case If You’re Muslim – Just Leave.

It has come to my attention that a franchise of IHOP owned by Anthraper Investments has engaged in discriminatory, xenophobic and bigoted practices against at least four of their former long-term Arab and Muslim employees. This is unacceptable behavior and thus I have taken it upon myself to not only boycott the branches engaged in this matter but to call on others to do so as well.
Bigotry, in all its forms, whether obvious or subtle, should not be tolerated; the charges against these IHOP branches are damning and should be taken seriously, especially by those who frequent the restaurant.
The men involved in the suit against IHOP are said to have been exemplary employees, garnering a number of awards during their stay, but not only were they smeared by said IHOP branches they were attacked based solely on their national origin and religion.

To remain silent is to be complicit and thus we call on a boycott of these IHOP branches until not only an apology is given to these men and their families but that there is a just result in their case.

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