Doing this twit longer to explain why I did the 'Goodbye One Direction' video yesterday.

Most JLS and One Direction fans probably saw my video yesterday on YouTube of me explaining that I didn't like One Direction and JLS were much better.

Well I didn't do it for attention or 1D fans to kick off at me, I clearly did it because I am sick of JLS not getting treated right and 1D getting all the love and fame.

JLS were together for Oritse's mum and his love in music. One Direction were put together to make Simon Cowell rich.

Noone can turn around and say 1D are more successful because they are NOT. JLS have 16 awards and 1D have 6. Need I say more?

I want to say a big thank you too all the people sticking up for me yesterday after I received death threats for doing a video.

I removed the video because of all the stupid comments I was getting. If your going to hate on me at least don't say the same thing someone else said above you.

& All the people giving me abuse on twitter in a different language sorry but I haven't got a clue what your saying and I have better things to do than use a translator.

Love, Kayla Kilbride x

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