Reuben Frank · @RoobCSN

23rd Apr 2012 from Twitlonger

This is my favorite Dawk quote ever. From my book, the 50 Greatest Plays in Eagles History: “I don’t know if I could have come to a better place, a city where they appreciate the brand of football that I put out there. What I turn into on game day, I don’t know if there’s a truer place for me. Because the fans here, these are people who truly love that type of football. Every football fan loves a big hit. But it goes way beyond that here. Way beyond that. There’s a different mentality here. There’s a desire among those in the fan base to watch us just demolish somebody, and it’s passed down from generation to generation. Yes, they loved it when T.O. (Terrell Owens) was here and Donovan (McNabb) and T.O. were hooking up on big plays and big touchdowns every week. But when you get right down to it, the fans in this city would rather see a big hit than a long run or a big touchdown pass. When you can deliver a bone-jarring, snot-bubbling lick on somebody, it’s almost there’s something inside the fans that feasts on that. That’s what they want. That’s the kind of football they want.”

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