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20th Apr 2012 from Twitlonger

Notice on MIUI 2.3 Updates and V4 Porting
1. MIUI 2.3 will not be updated weekly from this week. Updates will be released only when there’re major changes. We’d like to concentrate on MIUI V4 for better experience.
2. Which device will get MIUI V4? For stability and smooth user experience, the devices to get MIUI V4 should meet the basic conditions:
a. With ICS 4.0 from the original factory
b. RAM≥512M
c. ROM≥1G
3. Among the devices meeting the requirements mentioned above, those with more than 2000 users in MIUI forum will get MIUI V4 earlier than others.
4. There are also many developers working on the MIUI V4 porting. We’re very grateful for your excellent work! And looking forward to your porting in the future

Thank you!

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