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April 13, 2012

We all know that Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz are here once again to test their chemistry in the movie. For the past three years, they have not tried to make a teleseries or a movie just to fill the emptiness of their love team. Instead, they continue to make their names more bigger and hotter separately.

But, despite of their achievements individually, the box office king and queen for two consecutive years, John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo are back for their third movie which will be shown probably this year. And with due respect to ASHLOYD, Sarah and John Lloyd's fans, even though they have a movie, Gerald Anderson's name is always on their side simply because of pop superstar, Sarah Geronimo is a rumored girlfriend of Budoy.

Gerald Anderson is here, there and everywhere! We cannot deny the fact that he is in love, his action really speaks louder than words. You can see him smiling here because of pop superstar Sarah Geronimo. Love is in the air for the two of them and while John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo are busy doing their third and reunion movie under Star Cinema, Gerald remains standing for his princess.
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