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18th Apr 2012 from Twitlonger

#sbar #modphys #sbg New assessment strategy - feedback wanted!

The more frequent (but smaller) assessment strategy has been good this year - lower stress in general, more frequent data points, lower stakes, etc. It has, however, sucked up more class time than I'd like, and having a small window (particularly with a new concept) is a bit stressful in its own way (a kid that can't visualize a situation right away could take time from another problem if it were a full 90 minute test, but a single problem leaves no alternatives).

I have had some occasion to send an assessment home with them - always one that will be "written over" by a subsequent one, so we talk about how cheating isn't profitable or helpful here. I've have good success with avoiding that, and they've had better success with more time than they would've in class.

This is what I'm thinking for next year:
- 1st assessment for a standard: it's takehome, though independent. They come into class and I give out a worked-out solution to each pair. They post-game analyze their assessments, marking with green. For HW that night, they go to ActiveGrade and post a note on those standards - what they did well, what they needed to work on, and what they're going to do - specifically, like problems # 2,5 and 8 - to work on it (I need to have an index to problems by standards to make this work really well).
- 2nd assessment is in class, normal deal. Subsequent assessments could be either, as long as I keep track to make the last one in-class.

I think that I could have one 45 minute assessment every other week or so, saving a good chunk of time, if I did this. Thoughts?

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