[Trans CNBLUE Guerrilla date 140412 part 4]
MC : Is there anything you really,really want to remove/delete from the broadcast? [caps: raising hands]
[JS raised hand in a flash]
[caps: Seems to be YH too..] (everyone laugh at YH late respon,lol)
MC : Is it from Music Bank special ep. 600?
JS : Yes.
"KBS fighting, Congrats to Music Bank ep. 600"

Narration : What kind of embarrasing situation was it?There was behind the story.
YH : I teached him if you make a mistake, don't panic. Just say " KBS special 600th I love you, KBS fighting!".
MC : No way, you weren't prepared it to become reality right?
YH : i told him if he ever make a mistake..
JH : I've been talking about it before he could just have say 'I love you' naturaly, without his rap part. But..
YH : "nannaranan KBS 600th!" (imitating JS)
JH : "I Love you!"
MC : YH-ssi what do u want to delete?
[Caps: Second appearances at Music bank, live broadcast in the waiting room.]
JH : Ah right, that's right..
YH : At Music bank 'waiting room live,"I have something to show,I've prepared a free style rap.
"New classic, new generation" it supposed to be like this, but I forgot bout the 'new classic', so it was :
"New generation.. CNBLUE. Oh, I'm sorry." (kkkkk)
MC : What is the meaning of Music Bank for CNBLUE?
YH : something that could bring the joy and humiliation.hahahaha..
Narration: Yes, they're very honest, charming guy and dignified. The members has prepared a bonus gifts.
[Caps: Guerrilla Date special events]
[It's Star's lip]
Narration : Everyone get ready to capture. Sweet lip gift will come, did you have fun?
This has been the handsome band CNBLUE.
[Fun and exciting Guerrilla Date with CNBLUE]

The end.

Eng trans by me
Korean script by @saturnkr
vid source : http://youtu.be/bwnFJZ9Dmy0

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