@Greendale_Love @uhohmorshedios @SuperSarah33 @GreendaleYear4 @GwenTrundlebed @EvilTroyAndAbed Compiled list of 4/12/12 @NBCCommunity ad sponsors:

BIG ONES: @Subway and @YoplaitYogurt Yoplait Light (Let's help Yoplait trend #Swapportunity for a while, OK?)

DETROIT includes: @PaneraBread and @AskCapitalOne (thank you, @GwenTrundlebed!)

@Cadillac CTS
@UniversalPics @NicholasStoller Five Year Engagement movie
@AceHardware http://Acehardware.com

#Zyrtec for allergies https://www.zyrtec.com/contactus (Facebook: Johnson and Johnson: https://www.facebook.com/jnj, also Zyrtec https://www.facebook.com/pages/Zyrtec/49687495212)

@Pantene anti-breakage shampoo
@ATT (http://att.com/network)
@Scion iQ (repeated, weekly ad!)
@Chrysler 300

#Aveeno naturals nourish+strengthen shampoo https://www.aveeno.com/contactus (Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aveeno)

@Wendys spicy chicken filet
@BlueMoonOffers @TenthAndBlake @MillerCoors

Local Southern NJ ads (http://www.beachcombercollects.com, http://www.fssnj.com,
Sound Advice Rio, @NBC40wmgm Rid pest control- buy it local keep it local)

I love you guys. I'm trying to work out a big fan action to get @NBCcommunity into mainstream media discussions. ANY ideas are welcome. Nielsen has an army of foot soldiers that goes door to door. Meaning: the households rotate regularly, and don't necessarily have phone/internet.

#Chuck fans did a major fan action in LA, donated a lot of $ to charity, and invited the cast. I need some help from you guys to do anything. @lightening__bug suggested we do something for one of @subway's charities. This is nice, but again, notice how long it took me to get the ad sponsors out this week. I really need some help and advice.

Today there are 3 votes for a charity fan action, 1 vote for @Subway lightsaber duel in a vat of @YoplaitYogurt, 1 vote for flying E Pluribus Anus flags on our front lawns, and 1 vote for my kazoo song on the Nielsen doorstep.

Note also: I reached out to #Chuck fans a couple of times for advice. I'm not hearing anything from them. They seem pretty tired from their big fight. They did well, and I could use help from them. I have NO IDEA how to plan a big party, and my summer wedding season is about to kick in full blast. Meaning: we'll need a team of people to get any big event off the ground. I really have to do marketing for my summer stuff, especially since it's just past Tax Day when last-minute brides finally wake up.

OK, PR rant over. Really, truly, I love you guys. ALL of you.


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