Social Democrats, USA Staff Subpoenaed before Federal Grand Jury in Pitt Bomb Threats

On Wednesday April 11th, two FBI Agents visited the home and office complex of Seamus Johnston and Dr. Katherine Anne McCloskey, staff of the Social Democrats, USA (SD,USA - Socialist Party, USA) in Jackson Township, PA to question the married couple for three hours about the ongoing bomb threats at University of Pittsburgh.

Agents Karen Talarom and Kenneth R. Buford said they happened to be in the area and were interviewing all students and alumni of University of Pittsburgh.

Jackson Township is 10 miles away from the city of Johnstown in Cambria County, PA.

Both agents returned the next day, Thursday April 12th. They approached Johnston and McCloskey separately, McCloskey while at her office and Johnston while at the home of a relative, and served the couple with subpoenas to appear before a federal grand jury in Pittsburgh on Tuesday, Wednesday April 17th at 9 AM.

At that time, they requested that Johnston and McCloskey voluntarily surrender a computer belonging to the SD,USA and Johnston's personal laptop. McCloskey said she would need the approval of the SD,USA membership to turn over the organization's computer and would require a warrant as per the Fourth Amendment.

The agents instructed McCloskey to bring the computers with them on Tuesday, promising to have the warrant at that time.

When serving McCloskey her subpoena, the agents agreed that the couple were “persons of interest” in the bomb threats based from information provided by Pitt General Counsel Jerome Cochran,
against whom the couple had filed criminal charges with U.S. Attorney David J. Hickton in November, 2011.

Mr. Johnston, who is transgendered, was expelled from the University of Pittsburgh's Johnstown campus. Johnston showered and changed clothes in the men's locker room for the for-credit “men's weight training” course in which he was enrolled.

While Johnston's driver's license and U.S. Passport both list him as male and the University's Non-Discrimination Policy forbids discrimination against the transgendered, Cochran ordered Pitt-Johnstown campus police to file misdemeanor charges for indecent exposure against Johnston. This is the first time an American university or college has ever filed misdemeanor charges against a student for transgendered behavior. Both the Allegheny County and the City of Pittsburgh forbid discrimination based on transgendered status.

After Johnston addressed the University Anti-Discriminatory Policies Committee (ADPC) with his case and the ADPC passed a resolution in support of Johnston, Cochran ordered an unwritten edict for all Pitt campuses mandating facilities be used only in accordance with an individual's birth certificate.

He also ordered the ADPC, through a spokesman, to stop defining the meaning of discrimination, the primary job of the committee up until then.

During a private meeting, a group of transgender activists asked McCloskey to file a Title 42, section 1983, “The Ku Klux Klan Act” class action lawsuit against Cochran and the University. They also requested that McCloskey and Johnston file criminal charges of official oppression against the General Counsel, Chancellor, and Provost of the University.

One faculty member who asked not to be named said, “the Pitt administration are fascists. We all understand that. If you push them, in September students will be greeted with torch light processions.
Everyone saw how students were beaten simply for walking home to their dorms in September 2009 during the G20 summit. The University disciplined the innocent kids who were arrested. Do you want that every day at Pitt?”( )

The Social Democrats, USA's history of involvement in fighting Communism, Fascism, Monopoly Capitalism, and Theocracy make it the best choice to force the University of Pittsburgh to abide by the ordinances of the City of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.

Through its new Clarance Darrow Program, the SD,USA is trying to aid people who are not lawyers with the knowledge on how to file appropriate criminal complaints and suits against corrupt public officials. Darrow was a founding member of the Intercollegiate Socialist Society. He dropped out of both college and law school yet passed the Ohio Bar Exam.


Another meeting will be held Sunday, April 15 by phone conference.

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