You are meeting One Direction at a signing.
You are clutching your cd and some other merchandise, you are at the back of the queue but you don't mind, as long as you get to see the boys that is your dream. And besides if you're at the back then you can look at them more.
The line grows smaller, the people that are in front of you have moved to the boys and you stand there shocked that it is actually happening.
The next time you look the boys are all staring at you, you quickly snap out of it and move forwards.
The first one is Louis.
Louis:'Hiya love, you okay?'
You:'Ah y... yeah i'm amazing now i have met you guys!'
Louis:'That's good, you want a picture with us or anything?'
You:'I'd love one!'
You all stood up and you got a picture taken with each one and then one with everyone.
You could still hear screaming that was coming from outside, all that was inside was you, the boys and security.
You moved down to Harry who gave you a cheeky wink.
Harry:'You seemed shocked to see us!'
You:'I was, and i still am! i never thought this would happen in a million years!'
you moved down to Zayn who gave you a massive grin.
Zayn:'What's your name babe?'
You:'I'm called Y/N'
Zayn:'Beautiful name' he smiled.
You moved down to Liam.
Liam:'So your name is Y/N right?'
Liam:'Nice name hun' he grinned.
You finally made your way down to Niall, who was your favourite.
Niall:'Hey Y/N'
You:'H.. hey Niall'
Niall:'Don't be scared babe!'
You:'I'm not.. i'm just really shocked this is happening!'
Niall:'Well it is' he smiled.
You:'I love you Niall, and all the boys! i love you all so much!'
Niall:'We love you too'
You had tears down your face, crying with happiness.
Niall:'Don't cry!'
You:'I'm just so happy'
Niall:'I'm not signing this until you agree to go on a date with me'
You:'W... what?'
Niall:'I'm not signing this unt...'
You:'No i heard you, i meant really?'
You:'But i...i'm just me. I'm not special. I'm not pretty enough to be going on a date with you'
Niall:'Don't ever say that, you're beautiful'
The other boys nodded.
Zayn:'You really are!'
You looked down at the ground.
Niall:'So what do you say?'
You:'I say yes!!'
Niall:'Right, i'll sign your things now' he laughed.
Before you left he handed you a piece of paper.
Niall:'Call me, and we will arrange something for our date yeah?' he smiled.
You:'I will' you leaned in to kiss his cheek and began to leave.
You looked at Niall's number in your hand, the thing millions of girls wished they had and you had it.
You smiled to yourself but had tears down your face because you couldn't believe this was happening and because you missed the boys already.
You were in a daydream when you felt a hand pull you back.
You turned around quickly to see Niall.
Niall:'I couldn't let you leave without doing this'
You felt his lips pressed on yours.
Was this real? Niall Horan was kissing you?
You pulled away slowly.
You:'Am i dreaming? pinch me?'
You felt a light pinch of your skin and a laugh.
Niall:'What are you talking about? of course this is real'
You:'You could have anyone in the world, why me?'
Niall:'I haven't told anyone this, but you know what i'm waiting for?'
You:'Yes, you're waiting for your princess' you smiled
Niall:'You wanna know a secret?'
Niall:'I think i found her'
You:'Wh.. what?'
You hugged him tightly.
You:'I love you'
Niall:'I love you too'
You smiled in happiness with tears falling from your eyes.
Niall:'Please don't cry'
You:'I can't help it, sorry'
He placed his hands on your cheeks and wiped the tears away.
Niall:'Now come here and kiss me' he chuckled.
You leaned in closer and pressed your lips against his in a long kiss.

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