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15th Apr 2012 from Twitlonger

ATTENTION, information about UMDKiller:
Hello mates, I'm writing this long tweet to explan the situation of the new version of UMDKiller;
Some people reported that there was a bug that cause the dumper to freeze when dumping Video Umds.
After a lot of reasearch (and a lot of headaches) I've realized that Video Umds are dumpable only in kernel mode...
That is a bad things , due to the fact that on newer CFW normal eboots can't directly access kernel functions..
A big pain in the ... , right ?
Yeah ... by the way I've found a good solution:
I've rewritten UMD Killer as a .prx , so now it can access to kernel mode and dump both video umds and game umds..
Due to heap problems , I had to remove ( sadly ) the graphical interface ..
By the way don't worry : I'll maintaining even the old eboot version for people that want just to dump game umds and want a graphical inteface :)
So in summary :
I'll release two version of UMD Killer
1) UMD Killer V1.2 (Repack) : that is an eboot app, have a graphical interface , and can dump ONLY Game Umds
2) UMD Killer V1.5 PRX EDITION : the new UMD Killer , that doesn't have a graphical interface ( due to the heap ) , is a prx and CAN DUMP EVERYTHING ( both GAME and VIDEO Umds )

Both versions will be released tomorrow! Now I'm going to bed , I'm tired coz I've coded for about 7 hours today...:P

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