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12th Apr 2012 from Twitlonger


Hello Again Masters~

First I would like to thank all of you for your cooperation in this very difficult time that we are experiencing at the moment. Thank you for your kind messages and words of support on our forums, tumblr and Twitter and for helping us to pass along important messages to fans worldwide.

I have a few updates regarding the case that is involving Open World Entertainment at the moment as well as a few messages and requests revolving around this whole situation.

Firstly -
Please note that this current police investigation only involves the CEO Jang Seokwoo of Open World Entertainment and not any of it's artists.
The artists and trainees under the company will have been questioned by the police as well as evidence being gathered from the company and the building to help support this case.

Open World Entertainment held a press conference to confirm that this is not involving any of the artists or other staff of the company and that any website or media portal that is reporting false accusations and using images of the groups under the company to create losses to the company and tarnish their name and reputation will be dealt with occording.

The company has brought in legal support to take action on those spreading these false accusations on behalf of the other staff and artists under the company. NOT to sue on behalf of CEO Jang Seokwoo.

Junjin as well as Jisoo who are both under Open World Entertainment have also both confirmed that they are not involved in this case.

Secondly -
In case you haven't noticed The Boss' Korean Comeback has been postponed until further notice. Some of you may have seen that YesAsia placed it as a December release but stop panicking. Open World Entertainment will be in a bit of a mess with dealing with the situation at the moment and will have simply told retailers that there is no longer a confirmed date of release and are just asked to put it off until further notice.

No teasers will be released until this is cleared over either.
Any information we receive about the new confirmed release date of the album will be posted as and when we find out.

Thirdly -
Stop believing allkpop and every single news article you read.
What has happened is unforgivable but we have already been shown the stupidity of media as the victim number has changed from 30 to 10 to 20 to now be 6. If articles are still being said to involved artists, they are un-true and the boys are most likely being told to keep it on the low key until further notice.

The CEO is said to have agreed to some charges that have been put before him but which ones we are unsure of at the moment. We will update on the matter as more news becomes available.
X-5 members have also shown their activity and proof that they are not under custody/questioning with activity on Cyworld and on a online game that 2 members log into daily.

Finally, as discussed before, we were contacted by Open World Entertainment directly to request fans to make sure you are not overloading the members of The Boss or X-5 with mentions on Twitter. Although we encourage you to send message of support one Tweet a day or none at all would be best right now so as not to overwhelm the members even more at this difficult time.
We also request that people stop tagging every single member of both groups in Tumblr and spreading more false news. If you wish to show your support please reblog any announcements we post on our official tumblr.

We will keep you updated on the matter as it progresses.

Thank you for your time.

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