Question about a maybe crowdsourced blog support series: we have YP at Scarleteen who are coming to terms with/coming out as/are trans, queer, agender, asexual, pregnant and choosing adoption, abortion or parenting, claiming their own sexual lives, hell, getting their periods, having a first intimate relationship...a host of things that are super-big deals but where they typically meet with more nonsupport than support.

Would anyone -- hopefully more than one anyone -- be up for picking one of these or similar things and guest-writing a "Hooray for you!" of sorts for YP to read? It'd be amazing to have a whole bunch of these for a whole bunch of things, and them coming from not just me, but someone who is/has been where they are would be SO RAD.

If this sounds good, email me? heatherATscarleteenDOTcom. Cheers!

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