Dear Olly Murs Haters,
I'd just like to tell all of you out there who say all this hate about Olly Murs you obviously don't know his full story!
Many people say he is "fat" well i'd like to see them do a desert trek for charity and become a Semi-Professional footballer! For all of you who say he is "gay" he obviously isn't because nearly all of his songs refer to girls for example "This One's for the Girls" .He also asked Cheryl Cole for her number i'd like to see some of you lads out there have the balls to do that!
I have heard that some Directioners saying that "Olly isn't good enough to join the boys in the US" Well Olly came 2nd in X Factor and 1D came 3rd and they wern't good enough to go through as solo artists! I so like 1D but SOME of their fans got a bit over the top with some of the things they say.
Another reason I love Olly is because of his fanbase the "Murs Army" are amazing. The reason they are refered to as an Army is because they are not only there for Olly they are there for each other. They care about the well being of Olly not just how his music sounds I personally haven't spoken to a bitchy member of the Murs Army yet and I doubt I will in the future their all so lovely.
People who say Olly can't sing have to realise that he managed to please Simon Cowell one of the hardest men to please in the Music Business. I have also heard people saying he is too Auto-Tuned on some of his song, them people need to listen to his acoustic version they are AMAZING!
Haters call us "obsessed" we called it "dedication"
So think twice before hating on Olly!
From the Murs Army

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