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10th Apr 2012 from Twitlonger

MILITARY CAREER SUICIDE: A reason the Articles of the #UCMJ exists is to address disruptors like @GarySteinAFTP who are interested only in their own personal agendas rather than focus on the mission of their assigned unit. If Sgt Stein thinks he is going to become some sort of military martyr for threatening to disobey the legal orders of the Commander in Chief, he is delusional.

One of the quickest paths to military career suicide is to play the disobedience game and Gary Stein knows it. This strange ego trip that he's on shows a tremendous degree of naïveté. For generations military history is littered with nameless and forgotten officers and NCOs who, like Sgt Stein, tried this road act and lost. This only makes his reasoning to challenge the CinC authority, irrational. His nine years in service is more than enough time for him to get acquainted with the Uniform Code of Military Justice #UCMJ. If he wasn't acquainted with it - you bet your azzz he is now.

Every Marine worth being called a Marine knows as early as his first basic training day, that it is his or her obligation to follow the orders of those appointed over them. EVERY Marine knows this, EVERY Marine accepts this and EVERY Marine is sworn to obey. EVERY military service man understands this oath. Unequivocal; non-negotiable.

In addition, who are the mindless media types who pretend this act of subversion by Sgt Stein is nothing more than some benign "Pentagon policy", have either never served on active duty or are militarily ignorant. My guess is both.

Gary Stein is trying to “have it his way”. He’s trying to play all of us, the active military and U.S. Veterans. He is simultaneously leveraging his treason into a new post military career. There have been many airmen, sailors and soldiers before him who played this game, and there will be more after him. None have succeeded; none will.

The only thing Sgt Gary Stein has succeeded in doing is getting an early termination of a once promising career and gaining a quick but undeserved 15minutes of fame. See you at the Burger King stud.

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