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9th Apr 2012 from Twitlonger

[FA] Apr.8 Kwanghwamoon fansign.

cr: DC Heartstrings gallary

"I wrote my nickname 'Heartstrings gallary' on my post-it.
First was Minhyuk, he said he received flower bucket from our gall at comeback day in MCountdown.
I explained him about Heartstrings gallary and it's switched to Sekwang gall every weekend.
Minhyuk smiled and said, "Ah I see, I will visit there once."

Next was Jonghyun. I asked him how his singing skill and stage performance were improved that much.
He said he didn't practice specially, but he just did a lot of concerts.

Next Yonghwa.
As soon as he saw my post-it, he smiled brightly and said, "I've visited Heartstrings gallary many times."
I said, "We were upset you didn't have any interview about Heartstrings after the drama."
Yonghwa asked, "I didn't?". I said, "You didn't in Korean language."
I gave him the collection of news articles about Heartstrings. The top was 'Blueray rental top in Japan'.
He flipped over it and found an article, 'Heartstrings is the most popular drama in Dramafever in US."
He said, "I know it, I have read it."
I was impressed, because that article was just 2 days ago.
I put out Japanese Heartstrings guide book, and asked if he had it.
Yonghwa seemed he didn't have it. I gave it to him later.

Next Jungshin, I said, "I hope you don't grow any more."
Jungshin laughed and said, "My mom hopes me to stop growing too."
Suddenly I reminded I forgot to handshake with Yonghwa. So I said it to the staff.
Jungshin called Yonghwa loudly, "Yonghwa ssi! This lady didn't shake your hand. Yonghwa ssi!"
Thanks to Jungshin, I could shake hands with Yonghwa. Thank you Jungshin.

At the end, Yonghwa asked us anyone who came to the pre-recording to raise hand.
And he apologized. "I am so sorry, we are not strong enough..."
His word really broke my heart.

And he passed mic to Minhyuk and said, "Joonhee! Say something." (Heartstrings)
Minhyuk said, "I am Sekwang!" (his current drama) "

cr: DC CNBLUE gallary

[Apr.8 Kwanghwamoon fansign]
"The evet hall was very hot. After the event, I was going out. I could see inside of the waiting room.
I saw someone walking around in black Tshirt and red training pants.
I said, "Who's that red pants?"
He saw us and boasted his red training pants. It was our fashionistar Jung Yonghwa.

He recommended us to wear leather pants then he himself took it off as soon as the event was over. "

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