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8th Apr 2012 from Twitlonger

[Translation] Tweets by specialists working in musical industry, reporters, and staff after seeing Junsu's performance of 'Elisabeth'

Credit: @ ccoccary, @ nylong, @ eunyshow, @ lalalamiso, @ jihyuk_park, @ charmingmermaid, @ kelee33

Translated by @ dlwpdldhkdlwp
-Because this is a rough translation, there might be many grammatical and spelling mistakes.
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[@ ccoccary is a translator who translates scripts of musical

@ nylong is a musical director. He is currently directing musical Moby Dick]

@ ccoccary: Kim Junsu acting as 'Death.' He has many harmonic tones and his sharp voice with his steps like female leopard inhaled/sucked whole theater like a large vacuum cleaner. He is an amazing person who really deserves applauds and cries. I wish he acts as Oscar from The Rose of Versailles;;;;

@ nylong: @ ccoccary female leopard haha The character Tod in Elisabeth must be ambisexual. because you cannot expect everlastingness with someone who is bisexual. His love equals to death~

@ ccoccary: @ nylong he was really pretty. I usually feel absurd or do not like when male is pretty, but he was really handsome!

@ nylong: @ ccoccary You must have fell into actor Junsu's charm. Do you want to dedicate a piece(musical) [for/to him] in the future with me? ke For three weeks with only one character.

[@ eunyshow is a reporter]

@ eunyshow : @ enkiJ87 I don't know how to descirbe the feeling he is not like a human. The character of Death, which had not been right, seems to be on my hand after watching XiahTod. Diction and vocalization became better like another person. And as I watched from the front seat, characters become alive... T

@ eunyshow: Music composed by Sylvester Levay. More I listen, different tones and frequencies of vibration penetrate into weakness of human. Also, we can see how much he loves Tod from his music. XiahTod's interpretation of the character is very interesting. Musical Elisabeth... shining stage from ensemble to the main cast.

[@ lalalamiso is a reporter and @ babyilike is PR]

@ lalalamiso: wow wow I cannot get away from the seduction by Death of XiahTod in Elisabeth. Daebak (amazing)! It was wonderful night to spend good time with [I omit names of people]! Junsu's mother that I met at the back stage was really pretty and thank you for giving birth an amazing son~~

@ lalalamiso: @ babyilike I am into XiahTod's magical charm! I realized why people say/praise Junsu, Junsu. He work in harmony with OkEli, Min Youngki and Lucheni very well. I want to see it again!

[@ jihyuk_park is a reporter]

@ jihyuk_park: XiahTod was strange but fatal. Especially when he came out wearing cotton flannel leggings in Act 2, I almost shouted out send XiahTod to figure skating. The stage with lots of effects was also fun to watch. I think all the actors and actresses were best today.

@ jihyuk_park: I thought Tod was not a human when he came out from behind the bed at the scene when he first meets Rudolf. I wondered how many actors there can be who can express the character 'Death' very well like him during the scene Mayerling-Walzer where he leads Rudolf to Death

[@ charmingmeraid is a staff]

@ charmingmermaid: Before, I haven't listened to his songs or seen his performance and didn't know him very well because I was not interested. After watching and listening Junsu's performance next tom him, I became his fan. Oh.. He is really good.. He is becoming into the character every day more and more. [He is/You are] so beautiful~

[@ kelee33 is a make-up artist]

@ kelee33: Elisabeth... by Xiah Junsu and Ok Juhyeon!!! It is really charming...I...didn't know Xiah Junsu but he is really good... ^^ pic.twitter.com/cW0Whg60

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