Emily · @CodySwagTeam

5th Apr 2012 from Twitlonger

Simpsonizers, Listen up. So me & my real life friend Haley are gonna be doing a Justin Bieber twitter account together.
We haven't supported Justin in so long...cause.. we don't want you guys to feel like were leaving Cody. NO NO NO NO NO. Me & Haley both love Cody like frickin crazy JFUIHI8H389FOHR7W38O37FYH8OHR7IEU8I omfg.
But.. my friend Haley and me are doing a real life video of us dancing and singing along to 'Boyfriend'
Haley is talking to me over the phone right now. She goes to my school. :) She told me she loves Justin and Cody & she really wants to do this with me. :)

You guys would love Haley. omfg. She's so pretty and nice and caring and sweet. :) so... if we made a justin account...would you guys still follow us? /:

~Emily & Haley

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