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5th Apr 2012 from Twitlonger

Translation of Adam Lambert in the Swedish Magazine Julia!

Glamorous Adam Lambert

Best looking make-up, coolest haircut, hottest clothes and the best songs… When it comes to Adam Lambert there’s absolutely nothing to complain about. Julia gives you everything you need to know about this spring’s hottest superstar!

20 important Adam-facts!

1. Adam’s dad has Norwegian relatives.

2. He started with theater as a kid and for several years Adam worked full time as an actor and toured with several theater productions.

3. School was nothing for Adam and he dropped out of high school after only five weeks. (Translator's note: It should be dropped out of college.)

4. When Adam was 21 he colored his hair black for the first time.

5. Adams music carrier started moonlighting as the frontman for the rock band The Citizen Vein.

6. In 2009 Adam decided to audition for American Idol. He sang “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen.

7. Adam ended up as the first runner up in American Idol, won did Kris Allen. Kris Allen, anyone?

8. During the whole competition Adam only ended up in “the bottom two” once.

9. Adam’s debut album was called “For Your Entertainment” and it had songs written by Pink and Lady Gaga among others.

10. Adam Lambert has donated a lot of money to charity, mainly its different school projects that are close to Adams heart.

11. Adam has always talked openly about being bisexual. At the moment he’s dating the Finnish Big brother-winner Sauli Koskinen. (Translator's note: I guess we all know that should say that he always has talked openly about being gay.)

12. This summer Adam will join Queen on their tour. (Translator's note: That should be, joining for a show or two.)

13. If Adam got to pick one celebrity to meet he would choose David Bowie.

14. Adam is tired of being called the male Lady Gaga.

15. Audrina Patridge from “The Hills” is one of Adams friends.

16. When Adam was 20 he underwent surgery for a hernia.

17. Adam hates it when people that talks to him doesn’t look him in the eyes.

18. Both Adam and his little brother Neil are allergic to cats.

19. Adam is very close to his family and he says that he loves children.

20. His real hair color is strawberry blond.

Page 28 translated by @HellOnHighHeels

Things said by Adam!

About turning 30:
”One half of me is scared of even mentioning the word thirty while the other half really looks forward to playing bingo online! But I feel very optimistic. It feels like I am learning a lot about myself and that I am evolving.”

About his new album “Trespassing”:
“I think I have written between 18 and 20 songs. I write most of the material together with other people this time around and am really involved in the process. It is so exciting because I am making my dream album this time. I know that it sounds like a cliché, but I am making exactly the stuff I would want to listen to myself.”

About revealing a secret about himself:
“I don’t think there is one! I am so darn open about everything that it’s all probably out there. I have no secrets!”

Name: Adam Mitchel Lambert
Born: 29 January 1982
Occupation: Musician and actor
Lives: In Los Angeles
Family: Mother, father, younger brother and boyfriend
Height: 185 cm
Follow Adam on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/adamlambert
Current: With his new album “Trespassing”, in stores now! (Translator’s note: in stores May 15th)

*Adam with one of his biggest idols, Katy Perry!

*He’s quite a looker, that Adam!

It’s all about the hair!
Which Adam do you prefer?
Long and choppy?
Long lengths?
Spiky and coloured?
Elvis-inspired with facial hair?

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