My Meet&Greet;and performance with Adam Lambert at 104.3 MYFM, Burbank, California

Here goes my little recap of the M&G with Adam yesterday at MYFM (4/2/12). I got to the radio station at like 10:30. Met Mandy@lesbogasms there. When I arrived, there were like 10 people there I believe. Started talking to a few Glamberts, told them my tattoo story. Everyone was super sweet. At around 11:15, one radio guy comes out and starts checking us in. Then, they take us to their little dining area where they had pizza waiting for us. So we eat the pizza and after a few minutes, radio guy comes back and tells us to line up cuz they are about to take us to the studio. We are waiting there, and I see some tall guy and a shorter guy, all in black, walk in. The shorter one kinda looked like Adam, but he was way too little. Turns out it was Adam's manager and the shorter guy was Isaac. Ok, they lead us to the little room where we are gonna see Adam, Mandy and I are one of the first 3 inside. The room is small. Very compact stage with a stool right in the middle and a mic on a stand, a padded ottoman type seat to the left and the percussion box on the right. The area where we all are sitting is a bunch of those padded ottomans around the perimeter, with a bunch of orange and rust pillows in the middle. Mandy and I sit RIGHT in the middle, right in the first row, my pillow directly in front of Adam's stool. They ask us if we are ready for Adam, we all scream, and in walks Tommy, followed by a smiling Isaac and then HE enters. We all scream again. He waves and goes to the stool RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!! Oh my GOD! SO close! this time, maybe 3 feet away it seems. Ok, now imagine this. I am on a pillow on the floor, HE's on the stool and the stage is raised about 8 inches. DIRECTLY in my line of vision, is the GLAMBULGE and its all wrapped in Leopard Print REALLY tight pants! And those damn sexy medges! OMFG! Really? I want to see him, ALL of him and all I can focus on is his crotch area. AND, he keeps shifting in his stool, spreading his damn legs, bringing them back together, crossing his legs, TORTURING ME. Finally, the DJ starts asking him questions he got off twitter. We didn't get to ask anything. I don't even remember the questions. Nothing new. Queen, Sauli, what he wants to do after Trespassing. That I do remember, he said tour and continue making awesome music. Also, he said he might be interested in boots. Like designing boots for us. He said not for himself, he'd like to make them "for them" SQUEEE!!! Ok, onward. The first song is BTIKM, then a few more questions, then WWFM, more ?'s then I think NCOE and finally Trespassing. He was so beautiful. The sound in that room was beyond amazing and his voice...well his voice can make angels weep. He has us all mesmerized. How I wish they had allowed us to take pictures. But oh well. You can't fight their rules or ya get ur camera taken away. It's over WAY too fast and they tell us to line up around the pillow pit for our pix. When it's our turn, Mandy and I go to either side of him, put our arms around him and he does the same to us,the pic is snapped and we each hug him, I show him my tattoo,this time I remember to introduce myself. He says he remembers me and he likes the tat (as he runs his fingers over it) I am slowly falling apart but manage to keep it together long enough to ask for another hug and take in his spectacular scent. He smells SO good. Kinda sweet, but manly. Just delicious! It's over! OMG! It's over!! We walk out and a girl hands us an autographed picture. We got a treausre to take home with us! We walk out, I'm on cloud 9 again and we head down the elevator. After waiting a bit, Tommy and Isaac come out and sign and pose for fans. They are super sweet. We wait for Adam for quite a bit and finally decide he must have already left. Mandy wants to go so we head down the elevator to the garage. When we get to the car, something tells us to go back and THERE HE IS!! Signing and pix all around. He's so gracious! I could look into those blue eyes forever. I snap a few pix but mostly just witch him interact with his fans. GOD, I love this man. Then, he says he's gotta get to the next thing he's doing but as he's leaving, I get his attention and ask if he can sign my Adam purse. Of course, he turns around and signs it. I tell him thank you again and he's off. As he's walking away, I realize how statuesque he is. He looks like a fit and slender Adonis. He looks so happy, talking to his manager and damn he looks so good! Some people follow him, I guess theres another way down to the garage. Mandy and I get in the elevator, completely elated. All I can say is WOW! I got to realize a dream two times. He's the best thing to come into my life in a long time. I will love him forever.

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