Dialogue only on Freedom Agenda, Pakistan is an Occupier, Intervention Continuing Since 1948! HyrBeyar Marri & Khan Kalat
By Archen Baloch 30/03/2012 
Baloch national leader Waja HyrBeyar Marri said that there would be no dialogue on anything  except freedom, speaking in a private TV program, the patriotic Baloch leader said that foreign interference in Balochistan  started the day one when Pakistan occupied it! Pakistan is the occupier! On a desperate remark of the anchorperson  that Zardari would not give you 
 Freedom, HyrBeyar said that they would knock every door of international community for support, and pledge that every Baloch would work hard to regain the freedom! 
HyrBeyar Marri, exiled in London, said that the name of Islam is manipulated to serve morbid interests. He said that the attitude of Punjabi elite  has never been friendly, he added that Pakistani oligarch has always plundered and looted  Balochistan.
Waja Marri answering a question,  said that Pakistan was resorting to different type of diversionary excuses to justify its occupation over Balochistan! He rejected foreign intervention allegations and said that it was Pakistan as a foreign country  that has intervened and occupied Balochistan in 1948. Since than it has hardly left a stone unturned to loot and plunder Balochistan natural wealth! He said that the British had recognized Balochistan sovereignty.  According to historical documents of Baloch history, Baloch leader said that the international community has the right to  support Baloch freedom movement on humanitarian ground!
To a query about "modern Balochistan" outlook,  the secular Baloch patriotic leader said that  there would be no place for  Sardari system or Pakistani culture in modern Balochistan social organization! 
In the same TV program, the Khan of Kalat,  Sulaiman Daoud Khan was also interviewed, he said that Balochistan was under occupation, and added that M A Jinnah himself recognized Balochistan's independent status as a Baloch sovereign state! He said that the governor and chief minister themselves admitted that they had even 5 percent no authority over Balochistan's affairs! He said that it was Pak Army that was all and all in  Balochistan! 
The Respected khan  said that it was always Punjab and its army that spoiled the situation! He rejected the possibility of talk with Pakistani leadership saying that they were unworthy to talk with, as they are marred in corruption-such as Mehran Bank case and Memo-gate scandal. He optimistically said that Balochistan would be liberated soon by God willing!

Courtesy Dailytawar 

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