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27th Mar 2012 from Twitlonger

@SSJGozar First off, we didn't abandon our series from DragonBall Z. TMS C&D'd me, Masako got sick of working with someone who wasn't very good, and Lani found he was flat out having more fun with DragonBall than Yu Yu anymore. OH SHIT, WHAT A SELLOUT.

If we really only ever wanted to focus on DragonBall, Taka wouldn't have started and I wouldn't be editing Hellsing. We're dedicated to the series because it's a HUGE undertaking.

Oh, speaking of "selling out": Yes. We sell shirts and go to conventions. What's your point? How does this effect our product? If you honestly think it does, you never had enough respect for us as people to begin with. The shirts and the conventions are separate from our work. We've always made sure to never, ever let them effect it. The closest thing has been the commercials, which we keep OUT OF THE EPISODES.

I don't know what made you so pissed with us. We enjoyed your work. I sure as hell enjoyed working with you on that Lupin dub. We had a ton of respect for you, then you went out of your way to be a giant prick to us for no good reason.

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