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[Translation][OBS] The choice by music experts! The idol with the best singing ability- XiahJunsu (Kim Junsu)
120327 OBS 음악전문가들의 선택! 최고 가창력아이돌- 시아준수 (김준수)

Credit: OBS, DNBN, xiahworld1215
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[Ha Jaegeun/ Culture Critic]
For male solo, I choose Kim Junsu.
I think he can show tremendous presence and ability even if he works as solo.

[Kim Junsu]
I was really overwhelmed and happy. It is feeling that I cannot verbalize.

Belong to: JYJ
Significant feature: The best vocalist who even dominated musical!

[Ha Jaegeun/ Culture Critic]
There is something attractive about him.

[Lee Hyeokjun/ Music critic]
Yes, he really has something.

[Ha Jaegeun/ Culture Critic]
When he is on the stage, he really feels like a singer. He seems as entertainer. Really, he is…

With the appealing voice when he sang ‘That Man’ and with that much ability, he will obviously succeed as solo.

[Lee Hyeokjun/ Music critic]
Whether it is medium tempo, fast tempo, up tempo or slow tempo, he has ability to make it as his color. Because he receives with his whole body and then conveys them; and because he memorizes not only in his head but also with his whole body, he can make a deep impression on the audience.

I accept it but I believe this is the part that I still have to work harder. I believe if I show how hard I try and my sincerity, they will look at me more positively.

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