@brittanymackk @EvilTroyAndAbed @Greendale_Love http://pinterest.com/violincatherine/nbc-community-street-team/ Thank you! There's a lot to choose from on the Pinterest board, so I'll rank it in order of importance and you guys can pick from it.

1) KSDK NBC CONTACT INFO: http://www.ksdk.com/company/contact/. On 3/29, KSDK in St. Louis is planning to air a St. Louis Cardinals documentary instead of our show. I'm asking everyone to call and email the station. Say hello everywhere else:
Twitter @ksdknews, Facebook ksdktv, Pinterest ksdknews.

2) LINK TO NBC EXEC ADDRESSES: http://bit.ly/ADqYLw Thank you letters to Robert Greenblatt, Stephen Burke (Pres/CEO at 30 Rock NYC, use same address on link for him too), and other NBC executives can only help us. Thank them for broadcasting our show, and ask why their affiliates insist on pre-empting us right when we need ALL Nielsen markets functioning.

3) STREET TEAM: pick which study group member you'd like to be, and pick a pet and I'll declare that your official pet. I'm Jeff, @SmoochyDaisy52 is Britta, and @balen13 is Evil Abed. You can do as much or as little as you want. I'm personally planning on doing some chalk graffiti, taking a picture, and posting it on the map. Flyers are good, as are "viral" emails to everyone you know and calls to local radio/TV stations. Two Street Team pinterest pins are on http://pinterest.com/violincatherine/nbc-community-street-team/

4) BLANKET/PILLOW FORT: www.propogander.com. Tweet @peachgeek to join the virtual world record blanket fort group on Facebook. She made a whole portal for us; propogander can judge other world records from other groups in the future. So I'll build a blanket fort and send it in soon. It costs $900 for an expedited Guinness World Record application, and I wanted to raise $100K for a big fancy party. @peachgeek made my life normal again, LOL!

5) #COMMUNITOWN http://savecougartown.blogspot.com. We joined forces with #CougarTown to form #Communitown. I'm buying weekly @subwayfreshbuzz sandwiches, sent them $ for wine corks, and am attending the 4/6 #CougarTown Rally at GMA in Times Square. If you know anyone in NYC who might be interested, have them tweet @CougarTownRally or @loulzb.

6)NATIONAL CRAIGSLIST NIELSEN STUNT: http://bit.ly/H0QDFh Texas is pretty well covered through 4/2, but any other posts throughout the South, Midwest, and top metro areas are needed. Use today's date through 14 days from today. All directions are included. One email address per post, and reverse show words in the title if you get locked out.

OK, I'm sure there's more. There's always more. And you know, for me, it's enough that there are other fans of the show. You guys make everything easy and bearable, just because there are SO MANY of us! You can do as much or as little as you want and I love you just the same.

Thank you, love you, owe you!

(PS - I was born in Austin under an orange 1 (blood runs orange) and grew up in Arlington. @jenniferworthen is an Aggie, but her fan work made me publicly declare that I love Texas A&M. Fun, right? Howdy, pardner! xoxo -CB)

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