"Does True Love Exist?" Kendall Part 30:

This room was filled with tears and depression. The doctor came in and said "Are you guys ready?" You all grabbed each other's hand and you all nodded. The doctor went over to Logan's machines and pulled the plugs. You watched the machine go up and then you saw it go flat. This was the worst thing you have ever seen in your entire life.

You let go of everyone's hand and ran up to Logan and gave him one last hug and one last kiss. The guys all gave him and hug this was a moment you will never forget. The doctor put the white sheet over Logan's head and you ran out the room because you couldnt handle it any longer.

You ran around into the corner and leaned against a wall and sat down and started crying. This couldnt be happening to you right now. You just watched your best friend who is like a brother to you die right in front of you.

You wished that there was something you can do to bring him back to life. You felt that this was all your fault and he died because of you. You saw Kendall run around the corner and he grabbed you and said "Babe what's wrong? Is everything ok?"

"I just need a minute to take everything in babe. This isnt easy for me. It is my fault that Logan had to go. It was my fault that he even got into this mess. Everything is my fault. I can never do anything right." You put your head into your hands and cried even harder.

Kendall wrapped an arm around you and pulled you into a hug and said "Dont blame yourself for all of this. None of this was your fault. Yeah it sucks to see your best friend who is like a brother go but he just had to. And we cant do anything to bring him back. There is no reason why you should beat yourself up because of it. Like I said none of this was your fault."

You said "Honestly I dont think I would be able to make it if you werent here. I am glad you are by my side no matter what happens. Thank you so much for everything." You were still sniffing and Kendall said "Come on lets get you home so you can get some rest." You took his hand and you guys left the hospital to go home.

The ride home was quiet. You could tell Kendall hated seeing you in this much pain. You guys got home and he hekped you out of the car and you opened the door and plopped down right on the couch and started to cry some more. You couldnt get out of your head that it was your fault. Kendall closed the door and saw that you were crying and he walked over to you and said "Babe please I am begging you to stop beating yourself over the situation. I would do anything in order for you to be happy again."

He sat down and you just laid on his lap. You looked at him and said "Can you sing me to sleep? Maybe some rest might help me a little bit." He smiled and said "what do you want me to sing?" You sat in silence and you said "Intermission". He began to start singing and you closed your eyes. By the time he was singing the chorus of the song you were sound asleep.

*Kendall's P.O.V*

I sang (Yn) to sleep. It hurts me to see her like this. She keeps saying that it was her fault that this happened to Logan. She is all depressed and doesnt want to do anything. I lifted her up and carried her upstairs to the bedroom. I tucked her in the bed and kissed her on the forehead and went back downstairs to call the guys.

I pulled out my phone and called James. "Hey." he said still sniffing. "Hi. Did the hospital give you information about Logan's funeral?" I asked. "Yeah Carlos and I are gonna stop over later and talk to you about it. How's (Yn) doing." James asked.

"She could be better. She's sleeping now. She has been through a lot James. I just really wish I can do something to get her smiling again. She doesnt even want to eat or see anyone. She isnt really doing good."I said. James said "Well just give her some time to heal and then maybe we can use some of our boy charm to cheer her up." I said "Yeah. I hope it works." I finished up my conversation with James and then laid down on the couch.

I closed my eyes to rest up and try to gain some energy back. This day couldnt have been better. I just hope I can get my girlfriend back to her sweet loving self. Maybe when I wake up Ill take her somewhere special. I set my phone next to me and drifted off to a sleep.

*End of Kendall's P.O.V.*

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