@Gaelic_Neilson And YOU, SIR, tell me what good cutting down the lines of visceral communication between the YOUTH (such as is experienced at a good underground show) will do to teach ANYONE that we are all one and the same? The last thing I said onstage in Tel Aviv was "Peace in the Middle East"- it is what I am for. I do not believe that DISENGAGING people is what opens thought processes. The YOUTH are the ONLY hope for peace in that troubled region. The old guard is too entrenched. Do you really think boycotting playing rock-n-roll shows will change the elders minds? FUCK NO. It will have to come from the youth. And if just one youth meets another youth from different social backgrounds at a show & realizes we are all one, that is progress. Maybe that will happen. It won't happen at a political level- it will happen gradually at a personal level. I am not middle eastern, by the way. It is not my job to fix the problems their. It is the people of that regions responsibility. I do the best I can to encourage tolerance through the universal appeal of music- THAT'S IT. It's obviously something you don't understand. Once again, I will NOT boycott fans of my band due to their nationality, ANY NATIONALITY. It's against everything I stand for. Equal rights for all, not separatism. Peace.

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