"well mate its your big day" max said to jay with a smile on his face. "yep your about to get tied down for a long time" tom saif doing up his tie. "thanks really did just put my mind as ease there tom" jay said shaking trying to get his waistcoat on. A floor down from them the girls were nervous to "what if he dosnt show up" kayliegh said "im sure he will he loves you so much" laura said reasuring her. "its going to be awkward with me being there and max is with you laura" she looked at her " no it wont you are his friend and ours to". "never mind awkwardis still get mixed up with the two lauras i can never remember who they are with" alana said all the girls laughed. " right lets get these dresses on" linda said.

Back with the boys jay was still shaking "i need skittels right now" nathan tossed him a bag. " have you remembered to put socks on we dont want you taking your shoes Off and showing your hairy toes to everyone" nathan said laughing. Jay checked just incase" yes i remembered". "right then the girls should be leaving soon so we better get moving" said siva hopping about putting his shoes on and tucking in his shirt. "nathan your not wearing a hat its a wedding not a gangster convention" siva said looking at hi
"fine dad i will take it off" nathan took off his hat and tossed it on the floor. "right then one more thing before we go"said max "and what would that be"said tom fixing his hair in the mirror . Max got down "FLOPPY FISH INNIT". "right lets go before we are late" nathan said heading out the door. "siva do you have the rings" jay asked him. "why does he get the rings" tom said putting on his jacked "because tom if i gave them to any of you three they would be fergotten about or lost and we would have had to use harribo instead".

The boys got in the car and made there way to the church. "jay stop moving your giving me a nervous disposition and im not the one getting married" said max "sorry mate im nervous incase i muck up or something". "you will be fine honest nothing will go wrong" siva said with a smile.

At the church jay stood at the alter looking around to see it packed. Tom, nathan,siva and max standing smiling and givin the thumbs up made him feel better. The music played and everyone stood up. Jay turned round to see a beautiful woman walkimg towards im in a pure white dress. The other girls were in blue as kayleigh reached him she smiled. Standing face to face he said to her "you are the most beautiful and precious thing i have in my life" (they said there vows) "you may now kiss the bride" the vicar said. Jay looked at her said "i love you till the end of time" and kissed her (everyone cheered and clapped)

Walking out side the church they got photos took . "you did it mate i knew you would be ok" said nathan grabbing his shoulders. "thank you All of you" jay said getting into the car' "well boys and girls lets PARTY! " tom shouted. Jay and kayliegh arrived at the reception venue. It was woodlands covered in white and blue with lights and candles at every table a stage for the band and a white dancefloor with a cage typed thing surronding it. "this is amazing said kayliegh" looking up at jay. " i only give the best to you and i always will". He gave her a kiss. The sound of the boys cut the moment short.

"right then who is ready to get drunk and give a sloppy speech?" asked max. "yeahh" said tom. With everyone settled at there tables the celabrations began. Nathan and becky were round the back of some trees " nathan what are you doing" becky asked him "i just wanted to say in quiet thet you look stunning and that i love you more than anything" he looked in her eyes and kissed her. Max and laura, siva and laura and tom and alana were messing around on the dance floor "max pulled laura close "i never want to lose you and maybe one day this will be us" she looked at him "i hope so" he smiled at her held her hands and kissed her. Siva had took laura to a table far back " i just wanted to say that you are gorgeous and my life i love you so much words cant explain" laura gave a smile. Siva put his hands on her face and gave her a gentle kiss. Tom and alana were feeding eachother food before alana decided to squish cake into toms face " ha bet you didnt see that coming" she said. "no and you" tom timped her off her chair "didnt see that either" alana laughed "your a clown" tom got on his knees and she sat up he gave her a kiss " oohh frosty kiss" alana said.

" i think i might go" said mollie to linda "no dont go yet the night is still young" linda said to her. Mollie looked over at nathan and becky " oh no please dont tell me you are" mollie looked at her " to tell the truth its always been nathan even when i was with max its crazy i cant help it" linda held her hand " its ok". Linda got up and walked away. "nathan" linda called. Nathan made his way over "whats wrong he asked" linda gave a deep breath in " ok im your best friend and i love you so im telling you this" she stopped "go on" said nathan "mollie loves you" nathan took a step back and looked at linda " tell me something i dont know" linda looked shocked "You know" nathan smiled "of course i know im not stupid" linda looked around "so what you going to do" nathan raised his eyebrows "nothing im going to enjoy my night and get really drunk". He walked away and joined everyone as they sang and jumped around to glad you came

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