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20th Mar 2012 from Twitlonger

[updated Translation] Junsu and others’ tweets 2012/03/20
Credit: @ 1215thexiahtic @ B2stGK @ fcmen17 @ code07lim @ skpark81

Translated by @ dlwpdldhkdlwp
-Because this is a rough translation, there might be many grammatical and spelling mistakes.
-No infringement of copyright intended.
-Please DO NOT post and/or modify my translation on any TVXQ5, TVXQ2, COUPLE SHIPPER, ACGAE, ONLY-ONE-MEMBER and/or SASENG SUPPORTING sites.
-Have a nice day! :)

@ 1215thexiahtic: @plmok30 Keep it up~ Yonghwan!

@ 1215thexiahtic I woke up again around 7am… I didn’t even go to bed early last night…It is a silent morning..hmm..Everyday.. I experience so many things in it.. Today, what kind of ordeal or.. what kind pleasure will fill me..? I wish that was happiness.. The happiness that can be shared with everyone.

@ B2stGK: @ 1215thexiahtic Hyung and I, let’s have a happy day^^! Ppasha (fighting)!!!!

@ 1215thexiahtic: @ B2sGK You are going to Japan too~ Keep it up! ^^

@ B2sGK: @ 1215thexiahtic Fighting!!!!!^_^ My hyung~

@ 1215thexiahtic: @ B2sGK My younger brother fighting~!!^^

@ code07lim: @ 1215thexiahtic It will be happiness. Happiness!

@ fcmen17 @ 1215thexiahtic Junsu~ Are we having match in the evening? Hyunjoong sent me a talk (Kakao Talk) during last night~ T.T

@ skpark81 @ 1215thexiahtic lol Your hair looked nice!! ^^ Although it was short, it was nice to see you after a long time. Anyways see you soon!!! But, which team should I play?!!! lol

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